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96 pages
Dec 2005

Nice Girls Don't Change the World

by Lynne Hybels

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Have you ever enjoyed a friend’s photo album as she pointed out pictures and filled you in on the details of her life? This book reminded me of that experience. Lynne Hybels calls readers to sit next to her as she tells of her special journey into spiritual freedom. She grew up believing that good girls must always prove their love and devotion to God by serving Him selflessly. Yet, somewhere along the way, she found out that God loves her unconditionally. These pages are her powerful and poignant testimony.

The photo on the cover is one of Lynne Hybels as a young girl. The innocence and sweetness of that picture sets the tone of the whole book. The author gently traces the mindset that she developed at an early age and managed to hold on to for most of her life. The first person point of view allows readers to better understand the struggles she faced as she tried to live up to impossible expectations. Her eventual collapse into depression seemed inevitable, but thankfully, that’s not the end of the story.

These pages are a very moving account of one woman’s search for the truth. As her religious beliefs trapped her in a life of mindless service, the beauty of God’s eternal love set her free to serve Him with genuine passion. The turning point of her story will bring tears to the reader’s eyes.

After she grasped this message, she was determined to share it with others. This book challenges women to stop being “nice girls” and to become “dangerous women” instead. That’s a woman who is abundantly filled with the love of God and the passion to enter into the battles that oppose His redeeming work.

For such a short book, this message could have eternal blessings! – Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” My version of that quote is: “Never doubt that a community of thoughtful, committed women, filled with the power and love of God, using gifts they have identified and developed, and pursuing passions planted in them by God—never doubt that these women can change the world.”—Lynne Hybels

Nice Girls are taught early that serving God means earning God’s love and sacrificing oneself to meet the needs of others. Unfortunately, after living a life she thought was what God demanded, her husband wanted, her kids needed, and her church expected, Lynne Hybels felt utterly lost—both to herself and to God.

In this wise and tender book, Hybels tells of her struggle to stop living someone else’s life and to reclaim the unique gifts, strengths, and passions God gave her. And she reveals how turning away from her false view of God as a harsh and demanding taskmaster enabled her to rest at last in God’s sustaining love. As she explains, it’s never too late to discover that who you really are is exactly what delights God and what the world needs.