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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Oct 2005

Warrior's Heart

by Donna Fleisher

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Warrior’s Heart by Donna Fleisher is about a young woman named Chris McIntyre who is trying to find her place within herself and in the world. The closer she comes to finding herself, the harder it is for her to endure the storm within her.

The intensity of emotion builds with every step, as Chris continues the journey of drawing closer to her Creator. The people of her new home town, Kimberly Square, seek to befriend and understand her unique fearlessness and determination. These characteristics not only cultivate her own faith, but plant a seed in the heart of a past enemy.

As Chris McIntyre attempts to love the people of her town and love her God, many twists and turns come her way. Her best friend’s husband, Scott Mathis, mistrusts her around his wife, Erin, due to Chris’ intense personality. They are soon forced to work together when a violent storm hits the town.

Chris, an ex-soldier, is fearless and determined to get the job done, whether she enjoys it or not, but deep within her soul she struggles to live a life she has never before experienced. These qualities appeal to the hearts of the townspeople.

Although much growth takes place in Chris’s life, her story is still unfinished. In the Homeland Heroes series, she continues in her Christian walk in the next installment, Valiant Hope. I recommend this wonderful series for young adult women from 18 to 25 years of age who desire to find and mature their inner strength. -- Angela Wood, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A new home. A new life. To have both, she must outlast a bitter storm.Once Chris fought for her country. Now she’s fighting for her faith. And she’s about to fight for her life.This is no mere storm. It’s a deluge of catastrophic proportions. Swollen by record rains and a ten-inch snow melt, the Willamette River is hammering Portland, Oregon, with the flood of the century.

In Chris McIntyre’s heart, a different kind of flood—arising torrent of emotions—threatens to sweep her away from the community of Kimberly Square. Her new found faith keeps her from running. But how can she stay? Her push-the-limits personality may have made her a perfect soldier, but it sets her apart from the people at her church. And it sets her at odds with Scott Mathis, the husband of her closest friend, Erin.

Fearing for Erin’s safety, Scott resents his wife’s high-risk friendship with Chris. But when Scott and Chris are forced together to help Kimberly Square residents ride out the storm, a different, equally lethal danger descends on them. Death orredemption rest in the hands of one person—a woman with a warrior’s heart.