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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Jul 2005

Wounded Healer

by Donna Fleisher

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Contemporary and compassionate, Wounded Healer takes readers to the battleground of life.

Chris and Erin were women soldiers stationed together during Operation Desert Storm. They became friends but after the military maneuver, their respective lives caused them to separate. Now, Chris is involved in a different kind of battle, a spiritual one, and Erin races to save her. Only this time, the enemy is inside her mind and heart.

Debut author, Donna Fleisher, fills these pages with an emotionally gripping story! The dialogue was exceptional and moved the novel along with an increasing intensity. The background of these women in the Gulf War was explored through the use of well-written flashbacks. Each chapter unveiled more of the story, which not only provided explanations, but also served to bring everything to a satisfying conclusion.

The contemporary feel is demonstrated through the characters’ words and actions. There is a sense of passionate realism as Chris seeks to understand her past in the light of the Gospel message. Hidden memories and visible scars struggle to enslave her heart. As she tries to comprehend the Lord’s compassion, her thoughts are filled with a raw searching, which is guaranteed to touch readers’ hearts.

The author is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and her writing shows her knowledge of the military. These pages switch settings from the comforts of home to the conflict in the Middle East with a smooth and purposeful transition. All of the characters play a vital role.

Wounded Healer is the first in the “Homeland Heroes” series, and this reviewer will be looking out for the next book! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Flooded with panic, two words burst through Erin’s mind: GET HELP. She ran for the door, but someone grabbed her, twisted her arm behind her. Erin’s shriek was smothered by a cold, clammy hand. “Shhh—” Breath tickled her ear—“Just take it easy. . . .”

Surrounded by the oppressive sand, heat, and tension of Operation Desert Storm, soldiers Erin Grayson and Christina McIntyre shared a special bond. But when an ugly secret from Chris’ past shattered their close friendship, they went their separate ways without even a goodbye. Four years have gone by since that day in the desert, but Chris has spent her entire life running from the past, hiding her deepest secrets from those who care for her most. And now tragedy has ripped apart her life. She sees no hope in tomorrow.It’s a good day to die. . . .

Overcoming her own anger and doubt, Erin rushes to Chris’ Colorado cabin. When Chris’ fear of God and Erin’s faith in Him collide, they are involved in a different kind of war that only one of them can win. As Chris wrestles with grief, fear, and ghosts from the past, Erin fights to pull her from the brink of self-destruction. She will not lose Chris again.Chris’ life is at stake . . . as well as her soul.