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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Oct 2005

Director's Cut

by Alton L. Gansky

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Director’s Cut is a delicious slice of suspense!

Madison Glenn’s beautiful cousin, Catherine Anderson, is in Santa Rita to star in a dinner theater production. Yet, when Catherine’s chauffeur is found dead in her swimming pool, the curtain almost comes down on the performance. It seems that someone has written a few changes into the script that makes real life more lethal.

Alton Gansky knows how to tell a great story and this book is no exception. The main characters, Maddy and Catherine, move the action along with a purpose and power. Maddy is an extraordinary woman, filled with intelligence, wisdom, and Christian compassion. Although she has her eye on a congressional seat, she puts her own career in jeopardy as she literally plunges into the murder investigation. Catherine is also a strong character, gifted with beauty and a stage presence that satisfies her fans.

The author leads readers behind the curtains to catch a glimpse of the production at the theater. The tediousness of rehearsal contrasts sharply with the tension aroused after the murder. The subtle blending of acting with the actual story line gives these pages an unusual twist. As the plot dives deeper into the mystery, the lines blur between the script of the play and the real world. A chilling sense of foreboding creeps in, which won’t be fully eased until the final pages.

Every character has a role to play and the spotlight of suspicion swings wildly at moments. Yet, when it all fades to black, readers will sigh with relief and contentment. There’s no need to fear the ending of this book--Alton Gansky is a master storyteller. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Mayor Madison Glenn has worked hard to get where she is. Standing on the bring of a brilliant congressional career, the last thing the colorful mayor of Santa Rita, California, needs is trouble.Enter Maddy’s cousin, Catherine Anderson, a beautiful young actress newly returned to her hometown, Santa Rita, to take possession of her lavish new home and star in a local dinner theater production. And end the body of her chauffeur, floating in the swimming pool.As Maddy is determined to protect Catherine from danger, a revised script arrives at Catherine’s door with a disturbing new dialog that suggests someone is watching Catherine’s every move … and waiting to make her part in the script turn deadly.