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304 pages
Feb 2009

When Love Blooms

by Robin Lee Hatcher

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In Robin Lee Hatcher’s latest novel, When Love Blooms, love finds a way through prejudice and confusion. A young lady of means, Emily Harris, seeks to serve a greater purpose in life before she finds a man to wed, so she leaves the civilized Boise to be a governess in the rough world of high country Idaho. She wins the affection of her young wards’ ailing mother, Dru Blake, but finds their father, Gavin Blake, to be much more difficult to convince that she’s tough enough to stick it out. With Dru’s passing away with a wish that Gavin find real love and Emily’s consistent proof that she’s not as fragile as she looks, Gavin struggles to overcome deep wounds from the past and miscommunications with Emily to find healing and true love.

This novel is easy to read and, in certain parts, can be a real page turner. However, the characters can border on being clichéd at times, yet overall are easy to empathize with and root for. Research on 1800s Idaho is evident and worked in well, though not seamlessly. Gavin’s realization and final decision, the catalyst for the ending, was somewhat disappointing as it seemed rushed—like the snap of a finger was all it would take for him to change his mind. Other than that, this novel was a well plotted enjoyable story.

Where Love Blooms is by no means a book that is incredibly profound or even one that you’ll want to read again and again. However, it isn’t a cookie-cutter love story either. There are many complications and plot twists that don’t often get utilized in Christian fiction, and it will certainly keep you wondering until the end. I would recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for an easy-to-read historical romance with an interesting plot. – Shannon Potelicki,

Book Jacket:

When Emily Harris takes a job in the rugged high country of Idaho, she’s about to discover that changing the heart of one man may be the destiny she’s been in search of all her life. A heartwarming historical romance by bestselling author Robin Lee Hatcher.