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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Jul 2007

True Light (Restoration Book 3)

by Terri Blackstock

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The third book in a series, True Light is a novel by Terri Blackstock about Christians exercising their faith as they daily struggle to survive in an uncertain world—a world where little is as it used to be, and the veneer of civilization has been stripped away.  With the earth’s technology destroyed by the electromagnetic pulses of a supernova eight months before, the Branning family and its 22-year-old neighbor, Mark Green, are plunged into circumstances that continually test their faith in, and dependence upon, God, as they question why He allows the innocent to suffer.

Told from multiple points of view, True Light is a story of each Branning family member and Mark Green, as each continues in his or her duties in the face of mounting difficulties and decreased resources.  The relationship between the oldest Branning daughter, Deni, and Mark is highlighted against a backdrop of a neighborhood whose residents have turned against them  and the rest of the Brannings.  A plot within a plot unfolds, adding to the suspense of the narrative, as Mark and Deni are drawn further into currents of danger.

When Mark is accused of attempting to murder Zach Emory for the deer the teenager had killed when hunting game for his family, Deni and Mark work to clear his name.  Their relationship grows beyond friendship as they try to find the person who shot Zach, all the while trying to comprehend the hatred and vicious actions taken against Mark by the neighborhood vigilantes.  After Mark is jailed and then beaten upon his release, Mark and Deni learn the true face of forgiveness.  Heeding God’s direction in response to his prayer, Mark, with Deni’s help, takes care of the prisoners at the jail, the same men who had beaten him.

Although Deni’s family is solidly Christian, Deni herself has only recently come to faith in Christ.  She is a fiery, community-minded journalist, with a strong sense of justice.  Deni makes her own decisions, but she seeks the advice of her parents when necessary.  Since the blackout, her father, Doug Branning, has provided and protected his family against numerous obstacles and dangers; her mother, Kay, has learned to barter for her family’s needs, as well as find new methods to prepare food for her family and neighbors.  Knowing Mark as a steady, inventive, and selfless Christian man, the Brannings defend him when no one else will, and, at the risk to their own welfare, welcome him into their home when his life is in danger.

Terri Blackstock has a true sense of her characters’ personalities and their motivations, as well as their different thought patterns and language styles.  The secondary characters are as interesting and as well drawn as the primary ones.  The narrative of True Light is thought provoking and quite realistic.  The book illustrates universal struggles in the practice of the Christian faith in the face of adversity.  Christian youth in their teens and young adults who have a desire for a stronger faith and a deeper relationship with God through Christ, will enjoy and profit from this book, as well as Christian families as a whole. – Diane Gail Merck, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

As Oak Hollow grapples with a global power blackout, a teenager is shot in a food robbery. Jailed as the suspect, young Mark Green must prove his innocence to a community that has already judged him in its heart. But the Branning family stands with him as he fights to survive—and forgive. Book three in Terri Blackstock’s Restoration series.