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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Aug 2005

Loving Libby

by Robin Lee Hatcher

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Sweetly romantic with a touch of adventure, Loving Libby will leave readers satisfied.

In 1890, Olivia Vanderhoff left her life of luxury on the East Coast and traveled all the way to the untamed Idaho wilderness. As Libby Blue, she carved herself a new identity and a place to call home. She hoped that her past would never catch up with her.

Remington Walker, private detective, found Olivia Vanderhoff, but fell in love with Libby Blue. Now they have to decide which is more dangerous: facing her past or trusting in their future?

Every page in this novel is delightful! Robin Lee Hatcher has created charming characters and placed them in an interesting plot. Libby’s past is slowly revealed though flashbacks and each memory will further endear her to readers. Her fiercely independent spirit is offset with a gentle vulnerability. This character contrasts perfectly with Remington, the Pinkerton detective who never fails. His strength and intelligence is just what Libby needs to save her.

Yet, the author has an even greater purpose in writing this novel. Readers will see the power of love over revenge, and how confronting the past can make for an even better future. The spiritual side of the story lightly embraces the reader with a reminder of God’s ever-present love and mercy.

Humor, heartache and hope fill these pages through the wonderfully creative mind of Robin Lee Hatcher. She has a true talent for touching readers’ hearts, while never losing sight of the Lord’s ability to work all things together for good. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Her only chance was to hide. His only choice was to find her. When Libby Blue ran from her ruthless father and her privileged life, she never looked back. In the West, she could run a ranch, be whoever she wanted, and, most importantly, never have to trust a man again. Remington Walker would take any risk to find Libby, as long as he was paid for it. Once he had the money he would take revenge on Libby’s father, the man who had destroyed his own father. But soon he found that, while vengeance wasn’t nearly enough for life, confession could be fatal to love. With a wall of lies between them, was the one great Truth they shared enough to unite them forever?