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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Apr 2004

Making Your Children's Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid's Week

by Sue Miller with David Staal

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Just as your spirit will bear witness with another reader, the spirit of the Sue Miller and David Staal is evident in what they write. Making Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid’s Week is most definitely inspired by God. As I read the story of Promiseland, the youth ministry sponsoring this book, I felt God's presence and cried tears of joy reading the testimonies that are filtered all through this book.

The authors break down their mission statement, goals, and values for the reader as a guide to creating one’s own. The examples behind each of these only add to the quality of this book. They also give helpful specifics for a schedule, activities, and also job descriptions of each person. On another topic, Miller and Staal suggest that the use of volunteers is not only to relieve the youth ministers, but to give others in the congregation a role within the church; this then adds strength to the body of Christ. The concept should be obvious, but sadly it is not.

I personally am not involved in Children's Ministry, but when I saw this book I wanted it for my brother- in-law and his wife, who are youth ministers. I thought, “Okay, I'll read it, review it and then give it to them as a gift.” Immediately after I began to read this book, I changed my mind. Sort of. I still intend to give it to them, but now I want one of my own. No, I am not going into the ministry, but as a pastor's wife, I want this book as a reference should I ever need to fill that need in the future. After all, the Bible does tell us to be ready “in season and out of season.” Every church library should have this book on its shelves.

This book is loaded with ideas, examples, stories, testimonies, helpful hints, and guidance for any church; the reader will be able to run with it and see their own ministry blessed and grow.! I intend to recommend this book to everyone I know. -- Tammy Hornbeck, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Promiseland is Willow Creek’s highly successful children’s ministry. Using examples from Promiseland and churches of all sizes around the country, this book provides stepbystep guidance and creative application exercises to help churches develop a thriving children’s ministry—one that strives to be the best hour of every kid’s week. Included are Scripturebased principles and practical resources for church staff members and volunteers who agree with the critical role children’s ministry plays in a local church.

Making Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid’s Week, based on twenty-eight years of experience at Willow Creek, explains four ministry foundations: Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategy.