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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Oct 2005

A Season of Shadows

by Paul McCusker

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While a maniacal Hitler ruthlessly bombs England during World War II, American socialite, Julie Harris, trains as an agent and journeys into the heart of London during the air blitz. Her desperate search for the truth about her husband’s secret life sends her on a dangerous journey into a world of deception and betrayal. Nothing is as it seems.

Brew a cup of Tetley or PG Tips English tea, open a package of digestives and settle in for another satisfying read from Peabody award-winning author, Paul McCusker. It wasn’t very long ago that I reviewed The Mill House, also by McCusker of Focus on the Family Radio Theater fame. No doubt we’ll be hearing more from this talented writer.

“As she drifted through the haze of cigarette smoke, conversations slipping past like radio programs on the wireless, Julie wondered how many of the crowd were newcomers and how many were established members, positioned to answer questions and to persuade,” (108) McCusker wrote. The author does a believable job of telling the tale from a woman’s point of view in A Season of Shadows. His writing is a comfortable blend of dialog and description. His research into the time period and familiarity with English geography and lifestyle, add flavor to this suspenseful spy story. Though I had my suspicions, I wasn’t sure who the bad guys were and who good guys were, and who were a bit of both, until the end.

One scene that wasn’t in character for our heroine was an incident when she was typing “a full report” for her boss when the air raid sirens sent everyone to bomb shelters. Julie foolishly left her “top secret” report on her desk in an American embassy where known and unknown enemies were gathering information.

Brilliantly navigated, A Season of Shadows gives the reader a “you are there” feel during a pivotal time in history peppered with heroes such as “never give up” Winston Churchill.

For those interested in other projects by Paul McCusker, view That the World May Know. McCusker is the executive producer of this spiritual meat-and-potatoes video series produced by Focus on the Family. It will change your life. – PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Love, deception, betrayal, decisions, duty, and the truth.How did things get so complicated?

The night before had been so ordinary . . .as Julie Harris played the charming socialite at another of her husband’s high-society Washington parties. But that morning . . .Julie awoke to find herself a widow, forced to deal with the scandal surrounding Stewart Harris’s death—and with the shocking, unsuspected secrets of his life.

Now her search for the truth about her late husband has brought Julie to wartime London. Posing as an aide at the U.S. embassy, she sets out to fulfill her mission: infiltrate a radical Fascist group—a group with mysterious ties to her husband’s past. As Hitler’s savage air blitz against London commences, Julie finds herself swept into a whirlwind of clashing images—of glittering parties set against the firestorm of night bombings, and of treachery covered by a veneer of smiles and fair words. In a world where nothing is as it seems, and where the best of intentions can inspire the worst of actions, whom can Julie trust?

One man may hold the answer, and with it, hope—not only amid war-torn London, but in the face of Julie’s private struggle.