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288 pages
Oct 2004

Bryson City Seasons: More Tales Of A Doctor's Practice In The Smoky Mountains

by Walt Larimore

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“I’m hoping one day to be a ‘certified storyteller,’” writes Walt Larimore in the Author’s Notes at the end of Bryson City Seasons. Once you’ve read this book, you’ll be happy to grant him that certification, for Larimore is already a consummate storyteller.

Bryson City Seasons picks up where Bryson City Tales left off, with the Larimore family, which now includes both a daughter and a son, firmly ensconced in Bryson City, North Carolina. Though still considered outsiders, the Larimores have settled into life in the small Smoky Mountain town where Walt began his career as a family practice physician. Larimore has spent the past year or so working with a group of local doctors getting to know the community and its people. Now he and his friend from medical school, Rick, are preparing to open their own practice.

Part fiction, part real, the stories Larimore tells about the life of a small town doctor will make you feel as though you’ve stepped much further back in time than the early 1980’s when these events took place. From “Dead Man Standing” to “Miss Flame,” Larimore’s stories will leave you often amused, sometimes sad, and occasionally horrified. But through them all, this truly gentle man weaves a story of God’s ever present love and care for the people in this mountain community.

So build a fire in the fireplace, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and settle down for a delightful afternoon in Bryson City, North Carolina. When the afternoon is done, you’ll be homesick for more. Fortunately, Bryson City Seasons ends with a hint that more stories from Dr. Larimore’s life will indeed be forthcoming. – Linda Whitlock, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

“Barb and I drove up into the hills just south of the main traffic light and into the parking lot of the Fryemont Inn. We strolled up the front driveway toward the main entrance—a large front porch with several occupied rockers—and stopped to gaze at the nearly endless view across town and up the Deep Creek Valley. The famous Smoky Mountain haze was setting in as the sun retreated behind the distant peaks.”

Welcome to Bryson City, a small town tucked away in a fold of North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains. The scenery is breathtaking, the home cooking can’t be beat, the Maroon Devils football team is the pride of the town, and you won’t find better steelhead fishing anywhere. But the best part is the people you’re about to meet in the pages of Bryson City Seasons.

In this joyous sequel to his bestselling Bryson City Tales, Dr. Walt Larimore whisks you along on a journey through the seasons of a Bryson City year. On the way, you’ll encounter crusty mountain men, warmhearted townspeople, peppery medical personalities, and the hallmarks of a simpler, more wholesome way of life. Culled from the author’s experiences as a young doctor settling into rural medical practice, these captivating stories paint a collage of small-town faces, events, customs, perspectives, and faith.

Lit with love, humor, glowing faith, and the warmth of family and friendship, and tempered with the bright and dark realities of country medicine, Bryson City Seasons is a celebration of this richly textured miracle called life.