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112 pages
Feb 2004

Praying with Women of the Bible

by Nancy Kennedy

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“Have you ever felt alone in a difficult situation and wished that you knew how to handle it or at least how to pray? In Praying with Women of the Bible, Nancy Kennedy brings her readers alongside ten biblical women like Deborah, Hannah, and Esther who faced inner struggles and difficult circumstances. Each of the women verbalized a prayer in their hardship and found God's answer and peace.

“Surprised when God answered her skeptical prayers as a new Christian, Ms. Kennedy, who is now a writer and speaker, embarked on a quest to discover more about prayer. She discovered through reading the prayers of men and women in the Bible that ‘a child of God can come to him with any and every need and be accepted’ (13).

Praying with Women of the Bible examines the prayers of Old and New Testament women whose passionate pleas reached the heart of God. Hannah prayed for help in her childless grief. The Canaanite woman prayed for mercy from Jesus asking for mere ‘crumbs’ from his table of divinity and power. Martha, the sister of Lazarus and Mary of Bethany, prayed with hope beside her brother’s tomb in the resurrection and life, Jesus. Interwoven with the prayers of Bible women are the real prayer lessons of the author or women she has known. Their ‘today’ prayers are cries of help over broken marriages, single parenting, a prodigal child, and financial crisis.

“Though Kennedy adds humor and poignancy through her stories, she stands far enough away from the narratives to gently let the stories instruct and inspire without adding much else. The gift-sized book is divided into short (10-page) chapters. Each chapter closes with a prayer modeled after the particular biblical woman’s prayer. Chapters also contain a Digging Deeper page with questions to think about, scripture to read and study, and challenges for the reader to consider and apply. An index lists all the prayers and praises of women in the Bible for further study or reference. This book would make an excellent gift or devotional book for women who are learning to pray. But Kennedy’s book will encourage any woman who has struggled with circumstances or emotions and sought strength through prayer.” – Jayne Walters, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A fresh approach to a topic of perennial interest—women of the Bible

In the last few years a number of best-selling books have focused on the lives of women of the Bible. Now, Nancy Kennedy takes a fresh approach by reflecting on the significant prayers of women in Scripture.

Praying with Women of the Bible features some of the Bible’s most notable women, including Deborah, Hannah, and Mary, all of whom prayed for different

things, in different ways. By using the examples of these godly women, the book is designed to show different types of prayer, as well as different reasons to pray. The types of prayer include willingness and surrender, praise and worship, thanksgiving and personal supplication, pleading for mercy, intercessions and perseverance, bold requests, and a prayer of faith.