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Trade Paperback
368 pages
Jan 2006

Dark Fathom

by Tom Morrisey

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Dark Fathom by Tom Morrisey traces the action-filled adventures of Beck Easton, as he trails a member of Al-Qaeda in a race to recover a weapon that could take millions of American lives. As he increasingly realizes the urgency of his assignment, the presence of Angela Brower—a business associate turned love interest—complicates matters. Easton’s experiences with danger, love, joy, and grief will change him forever.

Fast-paced and suspenseful, the book wastes little time getting into the plot. Readers first meet Easton in the middle of an assassination mission that makes him realize he wants to leave the NSA. But his boss and friend, Bill Spalding, convinces him to take a mission tracking down the Saudi terrorist Ahmed bin Saleen to find out what he is up to. Eventually the mission leads to a life-or-death struggle upon which hangs the fate of millions of lives.

Easton’s morality, ingenuity, and style make him a likable character. But he is not a Christian, and guilt haunts him. His relationship with the devout Angela highlights some of the difficulties a Christian faces in a relationship with a non-Christian, as well as the challenge of the double life of an NSA operative.

Overall, the book is very enjoyable. Morrisey’s experience and research allow him to give interesting details throughout the story. For example, as a pilot and a diver, Morrisey provides realistic accounts of Easton’s adventures in the sea and the air. The book may especially appeal to lovers of action adventures, but it also contains a touch of romance. Older teens and adults of all ages will enjoy Dark Fathom. – Jonathan Young, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Software architect Beck Easton is a secret member of the National Security Agency. He is also ready to give up his double life when an unexpected assignment—and the captivating Angela Brower—change his plans.

Following the trail of an Al-Quaeda operative, Beck uncovers a plot that could kill thousands. Suddenly an already perilous assignment turns into a race against time, complicated by Angela’s presence and Beck’s growing attraction to her. Caught in a web of intrigue and danger, Angela and Beck must join forces to stop a deadly enemy before it is too late.

In this taut page-turner, Dark Fathom takes you deep into a world of espionage, ocean diving adventure, and faith lived out in the face of deadly high stakes.

(Prequel to Deep Blue)