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208 pages
Jan 2004

When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayer

by Jerry L. Sittser

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Jerry and Lynda Sittser prayed for years to have a baby. Eventually they received an answer to that prayer: they had four children. Each day Jerry prayed for the safety and care of each of his special and beloved family. In 1992, a drunk driver smashed into the car in which they all rode. Jerry’s daughter, Diana, his wife, Lynda, and his mother were killed. From this base, and the years that followed as a single father, a pastor, college professor, and author Jerry Sittser provides deep, satisfying answers about When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayer.

Having experienced desperate sorrow, knowing what it is to rail in the face of God, Sittser relates the true heart of prayer as he learned it. Not an easy fix, but valuable, deep insight into God’s ways as revealed through Scripture and Christian experience, When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayer considers this subject from many facets. Unanswered prayer can be a gift. Continuing prayer excavates the human heart for God. Courage and belief grow via prayer. No matter how hard the thought, it is God’s will not man’s. Prayer changes us. Sittser illumines this book with many contemporary biographies concerning unanswered and answered prayer. The last chapter looks at the brevity of man, recognizes how long the space of unanswered prayer seems, and uses the many sides of Christ’s redemptive victory in each Christian’s life to tie the narrative together.

Whether you read this as a biography, for spiritual help, or for both reasons, this book is definitely for all Christians. Those considering the Christian life and non-Christians will also find it valuable." -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

More than a decade ago, Jerry Sittser prayed for the protection of his family, yet three of his loved ones—his daughter, his wife, and his mother—died in an automobile accident. What went wrong? “Why wasn’t my prayer answered?” he asks. “It is no longer an abstract question to me. What should we do and how should we respond when our prayers—prayers that seem right and true and good—go unanswered?”

In When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayer, Sittser continues exploring the issues he addressed in A Grace Disguised. He asks, “Why doesn’t God answer our prayers? What, if anything, can we do about it?” Sittser is intensely committed to exploring the Christian faith, especially when it doesn’t seem to “work.” In this thoughtful and beautifully written book, he moves beyond easy answers and religious formulas to explore the goodness and greatness of a God who cannot be controlled but can be trusted.

When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayer takes an honest and probing look at the problem of unanswered prayer. In doing so, it draws us ever deeper into a relationship with the God who is the end of all our prayers, the object of our faith, the one who fulfills our deepest longings.