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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Mar 2007

The Seeing

by Bill Myers

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In The Seeing, Luke Kauffmann finally persuades his father, after days of fighting, to let him go out of state for six weeks to help a pastor and his wife repair their church. After a long bus trip sitting next to a smelly homeless man, Luke arrives at the casino-centered town where he is met by ancient legends of the mighty Tahquitz and the horrors committed by the evil spirit. Believing he is the prophesied savior; Luke attempts to fight off the demons flowing from the casino that only he can see through a pair of half-broken goggles. Partnered with a spunky techie, Misty, the two teenagers walk into a battle fought in both the physical and spiritual worlds.

The reader watches Luke battle not only spiritual forces, but the temptations and desires that come with greed and follow pride. In the end, Luke learns that God has the ultimate power and that we have no power without him.

The Seeing spreads through 313 pages and 15 chapters. Written by Bill Myers, author of over 80 books, the soft-cover science fiction is a Zondervan publication. Though The Seeing can stand on its own as a complete story, readers will have a fuller plot after reading the first two books in the series, Soul Tracker and The Presence.

I recommend The Seeing to ages 13 and up. Though the end is predictable, The Seeing encourages the reader to wonder about things in this world that we take for granted. – PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

An evil presence looms over the desert community. Native American legend calls it Tahquitz. The new casino operators call it an opportunity to make money …

Young Luke Kauffmann acquires a pair of strange goggles that gives him glimpses into dimensions around him, where dark, sinister forces exert their powers to influence—and glimmering creatures of light strive to stop them.

Thanks to the help of a beautiful but quirky techie, Luke increases the power of the goggles until he is thrust even deeper into the spirit world. With their added strength and the help of others, darker secrets are soon uncovered until Luke himself is seduced by the power and pride that the goggles offer. It isn’t until the final showdown at Tahquitz’s very lair that Luke and his colleagues learn the deeper truths of spiritual warfare that enable them to destroy the creature’s sinister hold upon the valley.