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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Sep 2004

Soul Tracker

by Bill Myers

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In Soul Tracker, Bill Myers has combined intrigue with the emotional story of a father trying to find his beautiful teenage daughter who has committed suicide. "If I just knew...if there was some way I could reach her...If she could just let me know she's all right."

Little did David Kaufman realize when he sent his daughter to the hospital for slitting her wrists that she would never come home again. "She seemed to be getting better, really better," her friend, Cory, had said when he delivered her journal to David. David wanted so much to talk with her once more that he would do anything. His son, Luke, needed him to get back to normal, but he just couldn't seem to let go of Emily.

Dr. Gita Patekar is a Christian doctor from Nepal who studies death and dying. She works for the Orbolitz Group now, spending most of her time exposing false psychics. To her, truth is everything. She believes and KNOWS that the Bible is true. She knows Jesus died for her and has a home ready for her in heaven--but--the Love. She can't get a real grasp on His love. Her therapist says it can often take a lifetime to get over the abuse she suffered as a child and be able to experience real love.

It is at a seance that David and Gita meet. David is drawn to this quiet, humble, beautiful woman. Gita is drawn to this tender, vulnerable man. Together, they find themselves drawn into a web of deceit and macabre happenings that will lead each of them to find the truth about God and themselves.

This is a story about self-inflicted guilt -- one experienced by a parent and the other the result of childhood abuse -- both covered by a supreme God who has much better things for each one of them. It is an intense book with a profound ending for all you mystery lovers.

"Real Christianity is both grace and truth...Jesus will never judge anybody with His truth that He didn't first die for with His love." -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What if you could visit heaven and hell, traveling when and wherever you wish . . . without ever dying?

What if your teenage daughter, the joy of your life, had died a tragic death and you discovered a way to visit her?

What if there were people and beings, on both sides of the grave, who want to stop your return?

These are the questions facing novelist David Kauffman. As a single parent he is devastated when his young daughter meets an untimely death. Desperate to contact her, he meets Gita Patekar, a beautiful and committed Christian with a scarred and shame-ridden past. She works for “Life After Life”—an organization dedicated to tracking and recording the experiences of the soul once it leaves the body.

Despite Gita’s warnings that God is opposed to contacting the dead, David uses the organization’s computer to try to find his daughter. In the process they discover Gita’s organization has some very deep and dark secrets. A suspense-filled game of cat and mouse begins—both on earth and beyond the grave—as the couple work together, fall in love, and struggle to expose the truth . . . until they come face to face with the ultimate Love and Truth.