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Trade Paperback
Jul 2010
WaterBrook Press

The Signature of God (Revised Edition)

by Grant R. Jeffrey

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The Signature of God by Grant R. Jeffrey is a book of apologetic arguments that are meant to support the accuracy of the Bible. Jeffrey wrote The Signature of God to provide both skeptics and Christians with evidence that the Bible is reliable.

Jeffrey has written more than twenty other books, including Shadow Government and ,em>Countdown to the Apocalypse. His knowledge comes from forty years spent researching texts, commentaries, and the Scriptures, and from traveling to Europe and the Middle East.

Jeffrey believes that the Bible was inspired by God and that there is evidence in many different areas to reinforce this belief. He uses historical and archaeological discoveries, scientific and medical evidence, prophecy, and a phenomenon known as the Bible Codes to demonstrate that the scriptures are accurate in every way they can be tested. Jeffrey argues that these discoveries prove humans could never have written the Bible on their own. For example, in chapter five he shows several ways that Old Testament health standards were far more advanced than any other country at the time. Jeffrey says that God was protecting His children from the unsafe practices of other countries before anyone knew that those practices were dangerous.

Jeffrey’s writing style is easy to read, but one weakness is that he frequently repeats himself. A couple of his arguments and examples are not entirely convincing. For example, I am still skeptical of the Bible Codes, but Jeffrey did convince me that it is a possibility I need to consider. Overall, Jeffrey presents the reader with excellent apologetic evidence from both inside and outside the Bible. I would recommend this book to adults and older teenagers. – Grace C. Yates,

*Editor's note: Read more about the Bible Codes in this position statement from Valley Bible Church (pdf format).

Book Jacket:

As American society becomes more secularized, Christians need to know all the facts about the Bible. Dr. Grant R. Jeffrey has spent decades researching history, science, archaeology, medicine, and prophecy--finding that each discipline confirms the truth of Scripture. This revised and updated edition of The Signature of God proves that the Bible is not only accurate in its spiritual claims, but is completely reliable as well on matters of origins, medicine, history, and science.

Historians of the ancient world--as well as recent archaeological finds--confirm the names of kings and kingdoms, and the dates of wars and mass migrations mentioned in the Bible. Recent breakthroughs in astronomy, physics, and medical science have shown that God's Word accurately described the universe and the processes of human life before scientific research caught up. And hundreds of fulfilled prophecies show that God revealed the future to his prophets in order to undergird the faith of his people.

No matter how loudly the skeptics argue against Christian faith, only one conclusion makes sense: the Bible is God-breathed. You can believe every word, every claim, every prophecy, and every miracle. With no doubts.