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Trade Paperback
304 pages
May 2010
Avon Inspired

Wedding Cake

by Lynne Hinton

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For the characters in Lynne Hinton’s book Wedding Cake, relationships and the people in them are complicated. As the former pastor of a church in North Carolina, Charlotte Stewart finally discovers love and that it is much harder than she had ever imagined. Her former parishioners also struggle with the subject of marriage, each of them in a different way. As each woman strives to find stability in her relationship with the man in her life, together they discover the love and security they can cherish in the bonds of friendship.

Wedding Cake follows each of the four main characters separately and collectively through the trials of relationships, expounding on the issue beyond each dilemma. Throughout these adversities, the characters are dynamic and colorful, and the interactions between them ring true.

As Charlotte works hard at her new job in New Mexico as a director at a shelter for victims of domestic abuse, she meets a wonderful man and finds herself falling in love with him. However, his past haunts her and complicates their budding romance. Beatrice Witherspoon struggles to come to grips with her daughter’s wedding, all the while playing matchmaker to Charlotte from afar. Jessie Jenkins and her husband decide to renew their vows, and Louise Fisher receives an unexpected marriage proposal. Each woman experiences a different dynamic in the institution of marriage, and each emerges a better woman for it.

Charlotte is an over-committed workaholic who has yet to experience true love, and her friend Beatrice is an opinionated busybody who loves others but has trouble showing it. Louise is a homosexual woman whose generosity and stubbornness are widely known. Jessie, on the other hand, is a gentle and soft-spoken woman who loves her friends gently but with great passion. Each character demonstrates the various aspects of marriage and the different stages within it.

Although the characters are well developed and dynamic, the description in the book is far too detailed about irrelevant information and not clear enough with some of the key points in the plot. The book raises several doctrinal questions including the acceptance of homosexuality and divorce within the church, as well as women serving as pastors. Because this book contains a brief instance of crude language and clear toleration of divorce and homosexuality, readers are advised to look elsewhere for romantic fiction. – Alexis Warner,

Book Jacket:

It has been a difficult year for the ladies of Hope Springs, North Carolina, who bid a final farewell to a good friend. But Beatrice Newgarden Witherspoon, Jessie Jenkins, and Louise Fisher are ready to take on a new project: find a husband for their young, single pastor friend Charlotte Stewart, who is too busy running a shelter in New Mexico to look for a suitable companion herself. The search for Charlotte's perfect lifemate is turning up many unexpected things—Beatrice's daughter has special news, the last person Louise would ever expect to see turns up on her doorstep, and Jessie's husband wishes to recommit to her forever. So one way or another, there will be a wedding, and perhaps more than one . . . with cake!