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Michelle Price

Author of The Cover Up

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Michelle Price's Bio:
Michele Price is happily married to her best friend, Tom. Michele and Tom met while in Junior High School in the small town of Glen Rock, New Jersey. Their relationship blossomed in college where they married. During the first few months of their marriage, they discovered they were expecting their first child. Michele had taken time off from school prior to their wedding. After their first daughter, Kaitlyn, was born, Michele became a full time mom. Kelsea followed Kaitlyn only fifteen months later. Kallie didn't arrive for another four years.

Michele's husband, Tom, is a former police officer in Atlanta and currently a Special Forces Officer in the Army. Michele homeschools their three daughters. They have lived in Trenton, New Jersey, Fort Benning, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and currently Leavenworth, Kansas.

Michele wrote her first published novel, The Cover Up, while her husband was deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Michele is a believer and follower of Christ Jesus. She and her husband belong to Summit Baptist Church in Acworth, Georgia. Due to Military obligations, they are unable to be regular attenders, but they participate in mission programs organized through their home church. They also return home as often as they can.

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