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Sandra Boswell's Bio:

Sandra Boswell has been a protocol program director, teacher, and Christian speaker for more than twenty-five years serving various schools, churches, youth and programs. Mrs. Boswell holds a BA in Fine Arts. She taught protocol at Logos School, a leader among the nation’s Classical Christian Schools.

Through her presentations, many have gained new understanding about etiquette and its vital importance in relationships and character training. She is the author of Protocol Matters: Cultivating Social Graces in Christian Homes and Schools.

The influences of John Robert Powers and family in California preceded her training with the Amy Vanderbilt and Image of Loveliness programs. Lively education comes in many forms and Mrs. Boswell gratefully attributes the call of Christ in her life, ensuing Biblical studies, her professional experience in design and arts, and the practical lessons learned as a wife and mother as priceless contributors to her credentials.

Mrs. Boswell teaches that everyone, at any age, can learn to nurture respectful relationships. While some teach manners for its own sake, Mrs. Boswell reaches deeper to show how right training cultivates better behavior and results in conduct according to scriptural principles. Good manners, like planted seeds, reach towards the light and produce good results.  Because grace, order, charity, and self control form the foundational basis in much of America’s best etiquette, those qualities appear in individuals who “make every effort to do what leads to peace and things that edifiy”.  She advocates the preservation of polite behavior from a Christian prospective in order to provide tools that help others walk worthy of their calling in Christ. This is good news for a generation seeking a return to virtue and integrity.

Most recently she established the Fine Arts and Protocol program at The River Academy in the Pacific Northwest where she currently resides with her husband of forty-six years. She and her husband have three sons and three grandchildren.

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