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Andrew Peterson

Author of The Ballad of Matthew's Begats

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Andrew Peterson's Bio:
Andrew Petersonís love of storytelling started as a child when he would love settling down with a book and getting lost the fantasy world that books created. During adolescence, Andrew dappled in a little storytelling of his own using his vibrant imagination to weave his own tales of adventure. Now, more than 25 years later, Andrew is sharing his storytelling with all those around him. Whether itís reading to his sons Aedan and Jesse and their little sister Skye, or setting his imaginative tales to song on stages around the country, storytelling has continued to be an integral and vital part of his life. Peterson invites us on yet another journey to someplace unexpected. His keen eye for lyrical detail and endearing sincerity with his listeners often draw comparisons to Rich Mullins. ďMy hope is that my music captures a hint of the beauty of Godís story.Ē Andrew lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife Jamie and their three children.