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David & Lisa King

Author of  Affair Repair

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David & Lisa King's Bio:

David thought his love for his wife, Lisa, was completely separate from the actions he committed while away from her. Little did he know that his failure to honor his marriage vows would lead to devastating consequences his family. These consequences would play out unlike any nightmare he could ever have imagined.

Lisa thought she had the perfect marriage until one night David was extremely late coming home from work. Worried that something tragic had befallen him, she was unprepared for the truth she would eventually learn—he had engaged in an affair. Shocked, hurt, and angry, Lisa plotted her revenge against the man to whom she had sworn her undying love. Unfortunately, her quest for vengeance led Lisa to face the possibility of incarceration. What impact would this have on her family?

Together, can David and Lisa find healing following their actions? Written from each of their unique perspectives separately, then jointly, Affair Repair shows one couple’s tragedies and ultimate triumph in seeking restoring their marriage after nearly destroying it with their own hands.

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