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W. Stanley Martin

Author of  Brave Boys of Derry, or No Surrender!

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W. Stanley Martin's Bio:
Brave Boys of Derry, or No Surrender! was written around 1900, and according to Marion Hyde, Librarian of The Gospel Standard Baptist Library who have an undated original, was first published by Morgan Scott, London.

Other works by W. Stanley Martin Editor of "Uncle Ben's Budget," 226 issues from March 1898 through Dec. 1916; and Author of "The Story of the Light That Never Went Out" with Augusta Cook; and "Some Famous Bonfires"; "Turn or Burn"; "Fireships, Fireworks, and Firebrands"; "The Man Who Fought the Giants" [Luther]; "Torchbearers of France and the Netherlands"; "William the Silent and Holland's Fight for Freedom," 1907; "The Tinker of Bedford and the Book that He Wrote" [Bunyan]; etc.