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Deborah Dortzbach & W. Meredith Long

Author of The AIDS Crisis: What We Can Do

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Deborah Dortzbach & W. Meredith Long's Bio:
Deborah Dortzbach is World Relief's International Director for HIV/AIDS programs. She provides strategic leadership to World Relief's Mobilizing for Life AIDS programs in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Through the programs, she mobilizes and equips the local church to promote and provide AIDS awareness, sexual education for youth, orphan support and much more. Debbie and her husband Karl first served as missionaries in Eritrea where she was abducted by the Eritrean Liberation Front in 1973. The story is chronicled in their book Kidnapped. In 2002 Debbie testified before a United States Subcommittee on HIV/AIDS and continues to promote active involvement of churches in the AIDS crisis through frequent speaking engagements, radio interviews and articles.

W. Meredith Long is Vice President for Planning and Integration at World Relief, where he previously served as Director of International Health Programs. Dr. Long has worked with churches to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa since the early 1990s. His overseas program implementation experience includes 14 years in Kenya and Bangladesh. He is the author of Health, Healing and God's Kingdom, which examines the interplay between health and traditional religious beliefs.