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Dr. C. Thomas Anderson

Author of  Becoming a Millionaire God's Way

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Dr. C. Thomas Anderson's Bio:
Dr. C. Thomas Anderson is known world-wide for his unique motivational and inspirational teaching style. Growing up in a line shack in Loretta, Wisconsin, he learned to overcome the limitations of a humble beginning and is now one of the foremost teachers in America on a variety of self-improvement topics, including finances, investments, health, leadership and relationships. Dr. Anderson is the author of numerous books, including the popular new book Becoming a Millionaire God's Way. Appearing frequently on a variety of television and radio programs, Dr. Anderson is helping millions to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Dr. Anderson and his wife Maureen are the founders and pastors of the 6,000-member Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, Arizona. Their desire is for people around the world to get a vision for a healthy, prosperous and fulfilled life.