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Allie Pleiter

Author of  Bad Heiress Day

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Allie Pleiter's Bio:
In between loads of laundry (which she hates to fold) and car pools (which she weasels out of at every opportunity), Allie Pleiter has written several books of fiction and nonfiction (Becoming a Chief Home Officer). She has also contributed articles for parenting magazines and to the devotional Abundant Gifts. She has recently received the special honor of an interview to discuss her nonfiction works with Dr. James Dobson on his prominent TV show for his Focus On the Family ministry. The interview will air in Fall, 2004. She has also appeared on the 700 Club. In addition, Allie frequently speaks on faith, women’s issues and family matters to groups around the country.

A former theatre major and fund-raising professional, Allie holds a degree in speech from Northwestern University. Most days, Allie can be found writing at her kitchen counter with an enormous cup of coffee and something—okay, anything—chocolate. Outside of that, Allie’s pursuits include playing the harp, reading and knitting. She keeps imperfect house with her husband and two children in the suburbs of Chicago.

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