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Deborah Knapp

Author of  My 60 Seconds

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CBP: What is the Texas Senate Bill 83?

Knapp: Senate Bill 83 requires all Texas public schools to allow students one minute of silence during which they can “reflect, pray, meditate” or participate in another activity that does not disturb other children.

CBP: What has been the reaction to this law in other states?

Knapp: 31 other states have similar laws and several other states have this type of legislation in the works.

CBP: Have you heard from teachers or superintendents in Texas about their reaction to this law?

Knapp: I have numerous friends and acquaintances in the education profession.  Most were unaware of this new law until right before school began.  All that I know are very pleased with Texas’ move to formally allow children to pray again in school.

CBP: So, how does your book My 60 Seconds work?

Knapp: My 60 Seconds is a one page, 60-second devotional designed for anyone who can read, and specially formatted for elementary and middle school kids.  Each day offers a scripture and a prayer beginning followed by blank lines where the child can finish the prayer in writing or solely in their hearts.

CBP: As a Christian, why do you think a moment of silence is important?

Knapp: The Bible teaches us to pray anywhere, everywhere and all the time.  School is the job our kids have.  How they do in this job will determine many of the choices they have later in life.  What better way to start their work than with a conversation with the One and Only who gives them the wisdom and power they need to succeed.

CBP:  How does the Texas state government draw the line between encouraging and requiring prayer in school?

Knapp: Senate Bill 83 does not require prayer.  What it requires is that one minute each school day be set aside for children to be still and silent.  It is their choice and theirs alone to decide whether they will use that minute, that precious 60 seconds, to pray.

CBP: Do you think that other children, whose parents have not offered them any religious training, will feel awkward during the moment of silence?

Knapp: Life is full of awkward moments.  Many kids feel awkward when they are called on by the teacher even when they know the answer.  Many kids feel awkward in P.E. when it is their turn to bat the ball.  My hope is that any awkwardness felt will lead to healthy curiosity and knowledge that the children who are praying have something they want.

CBP: Do you think other kids will make fun of your daughter if she uses your book in class?

Knapp: No. Rebekah and I talked about this some.  She is pretty wise for her age.  Her response was, “Mom, kids make fun of my hair all the time.  I’m used to it.  Anyway, most will be doing their own thing anyway.”  It is also important to me that my daughter learn very early, that standing up for truth is some times difficult, but truth is really all we have in a world filled with shadows and pretense.

CBP: That's great that you've discussed it with her. What ages is My 60 Seconds appropriate for?

Knapp: Anyone who can read.  I know of quite a few teachers who are using it daily.  It was specially laid out though for elementary and early middle school age kids.

CBP:  Why do you think the Texas government has decided to enact this moment of silence?

Knapp: This law passed overwhelmingly, crossing all political lines.  They recognize the need to offer a formal opportunity to kids to pray.

CBP: Is there anything else you'd like to mention to our readers?

Knapp: There are numerous devotionals out there for kids and adults alike.  My 60 Seconds is different because it is designed specifically for one minute and you don’t just read it, you are challenged and encouraged to have live interaction with our Lord.  From this interaction come the blessings and the wisdom and the love our children so desperately need – us, too!