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INTRODUCTION FROM JORDAN: So many great men and women of God are dying before their time and one more day of their life could have resulted in tens, hundreds or thousands of people coming to know the Lord.  So, it is such a crucial time for us to understand that God wants us to prevent illness and live a long and abundant life.

Moses died at 120 and his eyes did not grow dim.  That means he was physically healthy, mentally healthy and emotionally healthy.  God called him home when he was finished with him.  You know, so many of us die young.  So many of us miss out on Godís will for our lives, and that is the saddest fact that I can think of, and the most important reason why we need to heed Godís word, follow his plan, not only for now, but on earth as it is in heaven.

QUESTION: Youíve been seen on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, NBC, and The Food Network.  Weíve read about you in Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, Readerís Digest and a lot more.  For the past few years, Jordan, you have become known as Americaís Biblical Health Coach whose goal it is to help the Christian community unlock its health potential.  Sadly, statistics show the Christian community is quite unhealthy with obesity and disease rampant.  Can that be changed?  

JORDAN: I believe that God wants us whole in body, soul and spirit.  Weíve actually developed a Seven Weeks of Wellness church curriculum, a small group and home fellowship curriculum or an individual program that you can go through, and in 49 days, you will painlessly incorporate changes in your life, step-by-step, one new change a day, so that you are a new creation by that 50th day of jubilee.  It is the day of jubilee where the lame shall walk and the blind shall see as the Lord says in his word.

I am so excited that this plan is based on the scriptural principle.  Itís called Counting the Omer.  In Ancient Israel and even in certain places today, between the end of the Passover season and the beginning of the Feast of Pentecost or the Feast of Weeks, they counted in anticipation 49 days until the 50th day when the Lord transformed them.  And, if you will look back to the Feast of Pentecost, you will see the time when the word of God was spoken in a booming voice.  It was also transferred to tablets and later the Spirit of God came down on us, descended on us, and people were saved and healed.  God was ready to charge us to make a difference in this world, and thatís what going to happen in just 49 days by following the Great Physicianís Prescription for Health & Wellness Seven Weeks of Wellness Plan.

QUESTION: Letís get into some of the other keys because these are crucial for people to change their lifestyles.  The second talks about supplementing your diet with nutritional, living nutrients and superfoods.  How important is it for us to supplement what we are eating?

JORDAN: I believe itís crucial for everybody to supplement our diets, but itís important to use the right supplements.  Over 70% of us are using one supplement or another according to certain surveys.  The problem is that many of these supplements we use combine chemicals and isolated ingredients that are made in the same laboratories that make our pharmaceuticals.  God created foods for us to eat; food nourishes us and I recommend key supplements that are whole food nutritionals.   Now, many people take a ton of supplements.  I ask them why, and they say that they are not sure.  ďI heard about this one from this place and read about this one.Ē  I will recommend a few select but powerful nutrients, some of which have been used for hundreds of years in the form of food and can actually do everything such as prevent risk factors associated with heart disease and diabetes.  Some can improve cognitive ability or raise your IQ if you are a child.  Some can improve the strength of your hair and your nails, reduce osteoporosis risks, help improve your mood, your immune system and your skin, just by taking simple supplements each and every day, not as a replacement for food, but in addition to healthy foods.

QUESTION: One of the things that you do, and I have heard this before, is fish oils, especially cod liver oil, and some people will hear that and immediately say, ď Ah, yuck,Ē or ďI took that as a kid.Ē  Weíre not talking about castor oil here, right?

JORDAN: Yeah, take your fingers off your nose.  You donít have to hold it anyone.  No, cod liver oil and omega 3 cod liver oil is one of my favorite products.  Itís actually a supplement, a food and a drug, all in one.  It has actually been used dating back to 1850.  It was in every pharmacy back then.  Itís still in every pharmacy, if you look.  Cod liver oil doesnít have to taste bad anymore.  You can also get it in capsules, so you donít taste it at all.  It is so wonderful the benefits that fish provide, but cod liver oil and omega 3 cod liver oil complex, which I recommend in the Great Physicianís Prescription, are even better.

QUESTION: Is there a specific one that you take?  Is it like Atlantic cod liver, or is it something else?  If it just says cod liver, do you buy it?

JORDAN: Well, when you look into the Great Physicianís Prescription for Health & Wellness, we have a GPRx resource guide which will list all of the foods, all of the supplements, all of the skin care, all of the exercises, all of the recommendations in the book.  It will list the brand and the types and the specific products for you to buy so that you can immediately make a difference in your life, starting in week two.  Remember the second key to unlock your health potential will be introduced in week two, and each day, you will introduce a new key supplement into your life.  You will really feel the difference by the end of week two.  So in day fourteen, youíre going to be the expert on the few key supplements youíre going to use each and every day that will make a difference in your health.



INTRODUCTION FROM JORDAN: Forty-one percent of people may not be washing their hands after using the restroom.  Germs can contribute to the weakening of your immune system that will cause you to be susceptible to disease.

QUESTION: Alright, weíve talked about several keys, Jordan.  We talked about eating to live and living a life of prayer and purpose.  We just talked about the supplements and thatís the second key.  The third is about hygiene.  I think, as I have read your book, this is why so many Jewish people survived some of the plagues in the Middle Ages.  They had a regimen down that kept them from getting a lot of the diseases from the other people in the society.

JORDAN: Four thousand years ago when God communicated his plan for wellness to the Israelites through Moses, one of the main forms of what you would call biblical medicine was the practice of advanced hygiene.  The Israelites knew how to take care of themselves and practice hygiene even before the germ theory was around.  There are specific commandments on how to separate yourself from unclean animals, from unclean people, to bury your waste a certain amount away from the camp, and, believe it or not, these hygiene plans have not been followed by the world until about 150 years ago.  So Godís word never returns void.  It always accomplishes what it intends.  Today we are living in a country in America that is not as hygienic as you think.  41% of people may not be washing their hands after using the restroom.  The world is small.  With international travel, we could be shaking the hands of someone in another continent that has different germs than we do.  Itís not that thereís anything wrong with that individual, but weíre not used to being exposed to all these germs.  There is a way to change that, and youíre going to read in week three, chapter three, about key threeópracticing advanced hygiene.  I will show you a program that takes three minutes, twice a day, so you can cleanse the five areas of your body where germs are susceptible to enter.  Now, I want to be very clear that although these five areas, the hands, the eyes, nose, ears and mouth are portals for the entry of germs, germs donít cause disease.  Germs can contribute to a weakening of your immune system.  They can add stress on your immune system that will cause you to be susceptible to disease.  With all of these crazy flu viruses, the bird flu, SARS, all these things going around, having that extra protection couldnít come at a better time.  The practice of advanced hygiene, key number three in week number three, is a life changing instruction from the word of God, proven through history and confirmed by science.

QUESTION: You say that germs donít flyóthey hitchhike.  That means we could be taking germs from one part of our body and moving them to another part.  I would assume you would say that most people donít wash their hands, and, even when they do, they donít wash them correctly or long enough.  What do you do when youíre in the restroom in the morning for your hand washing regimen?  How do you wash your face and your hands?

JORDAN: Well, believe it or not, there is a way to actually wash your hands that gets the germs out where they really are.  Itís funny.  If you take a hand and you start to see where the bacteria usually reside, itís not on the palm.  Itís not on the top of the hand.  Itís not even between the fingers.  Itís underneath the finger nails, where normal hand washing fails to reach.  So I recommend getting a semi-soft soap and actually driving your fingernails into it and then washing the rest of your hands with that soap, particularly the cuticles and the other parts of the hand.  This aspect is so important because what we do with our hands is touch other parts of our body and auto-inoculate ourselves, which means we drive germs into the other four areas.  This hand washing takes very little time, and, of course, I recommend washing your hands for about fifteen seconds, or the time it takes to sing ďHappy Birthday.Ē  So it isnít difficult.  In fact, three minutes is plenty of time to do this hygiene system, but it could be the most important three minutes of your day for your physical health.

QUESTION: Alright, letís go to key four because this is another important one.  Perhaps someone would say, ďLook, I can eat some of the right foods.  I like those recipes you are talking about.  I can keep my hands and face clean.  I love the idea of living a life of prayer and of purpose.  But this whole idea of exercise, of conditioning my body?  Iím too busy.  I donít have time.  I donít have the energy.  Iím too fat to exercise.  If I exercise itís going to make me want to eat more.Ē  How do you answer those people today?

JORDAN: The fourth key to unlock your health potential is to condition your body with exercise and body therapies.  I know everybody has a hard time exercising.  Itís the number one thing people complain about.  I can tell you that I have found an exercise program called Functional Fitness that trains movements, not muscles, and will allow anyone, any age, any activity level, any size or shape, to perform simple exercises with or without weights, on the road, wherever they need to do it, five to fifteen minutes once or twice a day.  They will not only be healthier when they look in the mirror, but internally they are going to be healthier because we are strengthening the body, not just getting ripped abs and a six pack and looking great, which is a side benefit.  Functional Fitness is a great way to improve your overall health.  But there are other body therapies that you are going to learn about in week four as well.  They include fasting, resting and the importance that God places on rest.  They also include sleepóhow getting sleep at the right times and in the right amounts can actually help you lose weight and improve your health.

QUESTION: So many people right now are tired.  They feel tired every day when they go to work or when theyíre trying to work with their kids, and they know that theyíre irritable because of that sleep deprivation.  

JORDAN: Sleep is so, so important.  Youíre also going to learn about sun, and how some of us are depriving ourselves of a great source of health by not ever getting any sun because we are afraid of getting cancer.  Sun is very important.  It is healthy for us.  Youíre also going to learn about using water to make you healthy.  Itís called hydrotherapy.  Youíre going to learn about using essential oils, aroma therapy, even music therapy.  All of this is incorporated into practical, applicable steps that you will master by the end of week four on the Seven Weeks of Wellness program which is the Great Physicianís Prescription.

Whatís hard is watching a parent die of a massive heart attack as their first symptom, not getting to say goodbye to your father and standing at his funeral looking at his tombstone and wondering if he could have done something different.

QUESTION: Weíve gone through five keys: supplement your diet with nutritional, nutrient superfoods, practice advanced hygiene, and condition your body by getting some exercise with body therapies.  Now, we go to the final two: reducing toxins in our environment.  What does that mean, Jordan?

JORDAN: Well, everyday we breathe in air, we drink and shower with water, and we put things on our skin, our hair.  We brush our teeth with substances that either make us healthy or can contribute to ill health.  Reducing toxins in your environment is very important, and itís not that each of these toxins is going to make you sick alone.  But the over-accumulation of toxins, from the toxic air that we breathe, from the toxic water that we drink or that we shower or bathe in, and from the skin care products, hair care products and toothpaste we use on a regular basis, will.  Youíre going to learn with key number five in week five how to radically change the way that your body can relate to the outside world.  Youíre going to be able to improve your air quality with simple, inexpensive steps.  Youíre going to be able to improve your water quality which you drink and which you bathe in and youíre going to learn how to swap out the skin care, hair care and toothpaste products that youíre using now for healthier alternatives that will keep you much more toxin free.

QUESTION: I was watching the Extreme Home Makeover program several months ago, and there was a home that they were redoing that had so much mold in it that you could see it around the ceiling, around the walls.  Most people donít have it that bad, but if they do smell this musty smell in the carpet, and in the bathroom especially, is that something that could be affecting their health?

JORDAN: Most people have some level of mold and toxins in the homeówhether it comes from the carpet, from the furniture, or re-circulated with the air conditioning or heating unit, most people breathe in toxic air.  In fact, the air inside your home could be eighteen times more toxic than the air outside.  Youíre going to learn simple ways to make your air quality better.  Because letís face it, we donít go outside enough.  People say that they always get sick in the winter.  But we are inside more in the winter.  We are breathing in these toxins, causing us to have allergies; itís causing us to have upper respiratory problems, skin problems.  You can help put an end to that by improving your air quality and thatís just the beginning.  There are so many areas that we can reduce toxins in our environment.

QUESTION: So the Great Physicianís Prescription for Health & Wellness is much more than just a diet.  Our final key is about avoiding deadly emotions.  You had a conversation with Bruce Wilkinson.  Many people know that name from his books and his ministry, and he was talking to you, rather pointedly, about your own ability to forgive.

JORDAN: You know, so many of us know that there is a commandment to forgive people.  In fact, the Lord says in Matthew that if we do not forgive man of their trespasses, our Heavenly Father will not forgive us.  Now, I believe that God wants us to forgive.  Itís not just a deadly emotion, itís a sin.  Harboring unforgiveness that turns to bitterness, as one friend of mine said, is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.  Think about that.  We donít forgive people, and all it does is eat away at us and creates a rottenness of the bone.  We know from Proverbs 17:3 that a merry heart doeth good like medicine.  I believe that unforgiveness is causing a lot of people to stay in their condition of ill health.  I believe a lot of people with cancer, a lot of people with heart disease, a lot of people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems, asthma, allergies, are harboring unforgiveness.  And you know, I donít believe for a minute that I know the depth of the pain people have experienced.  Letís face it.  Those that hurt us are those closest to us, our parent, our sibling, our spouse, our children, our business partner who took advantage of us.  Some people have been hurt by their very best friends.  But you know what?  If you donít forgive them of what they have done to you, you are never going to experience the health that God intended.  And I have learned from Bruce Wilkinson and applied in my life a simple, practical application for forgiveness, and when people go through this, the only word they use to describe the experience is free.  Iím free.  I donít want anyone to be bound by the shackles of unforgiveness that turns to bitterness.  The best part is that unforgiveness is only one of the deadly emotions that we are going to learn how to deal with.  Weíre going to learn about worry and anxiety and fear.  We are going to learn that when we experience these deadly emotions, we shouldnít eat because our digestion doesnít work.  We are going to learn that they can shut down your immune system, and, most importantly, we are going to break free from the chains and the bondage of these emotions that are causing us ill-health in our body, our soul, and worse of all, separating us from God.

QUESTION: Why donít you give a word to those who just feel like this whole thing is hopeless?  They can look at their friend or their family member and think, ďI would cook them good meals, but for me it doesnít really matter because Iím too far gone.Ē  What would you say to that person?

JORDAN: Romans 12:1 says, ďI urge you therefore, brothers, in view of Godís mercy to offer your body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God.  For this is your spiritual worship.Ē  Your spiritual act of worship.  So many of us worship God on Sundays.  We sing, we pray, but are we offering our bodies?  You know whoís out there that cares about you?  Who is counting on you?  Some people say that following a diet is hard.  Well, this isnít a diet, itís a lifestyle.  They say that exercising is hard.  It isnít an exercise program.  Itís a lifestyle.  They say, praying every day and spending time with the Lord is hard.  This isnít even a devotional.  This is a manual for your life.  Let me tell you one thing.  Exercise, eating well, getting rest, praying, living a life of purpose isnít hard.  Whatís hard is watching your spouse waste away and die from cancer that you just know could have been prevented; whatís hard is watching a parent die of a massive heart attack as their first symptom and not getting to say goodbye to your father and standing at his funeral and looking at his tomb stone and wondering if he could have done something different.  Whatís hard is watching people in your very own church that are suffering from sickness and disease when we serve a God that is Yahweh Rapha, the God who heals.  Thatís hard.  Changing your life, one step at a time in a 49-day health and wellness program that is the Great Physicianís Prescription is easy, and it might be the most important thing you can do in your life.  I pray that God will give you the gift of health.

Jesus said in John 10:10, ďI came that you may have life more abundantly,Ē and I pray that you would take hold of these seven keys and unlock the health potential that God intends for you.  I promise you that if you will follow the seven weeks of wellness plan that is the Great Physicianís Prescription, I promise you that youíre going to improve your life.  These principles are like the law of gravity and what goes up must come down.  God will work a miracle in your life.  He may not heal you of a disease in 49 days.  He may not cause you to lose 50 pounds in 49 days.  But you will be on the path that leads to life and you will be one of the few, but hopefully soon to be many, who find it.