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The interview with Charlie Peacock at the Christian Bookseller’s Convention was my first as a reviewer for this Website. I was nervous (OK, scared to death), and my tape recorder wasn’t working. We missed seeing each other at the arranged meeting place, and I was convinced my first attempt at an interview would be my last. Happily, I found Peacock to be a kind and generous subject. He didn’t seem at all troubled by my opening admission that I found his latest book, New Way to Be Human (Shaw) difficult to digest. When I relayed to him what I felt was the book’s “bottom line”, he teased, “That’s exactly the point! People are always more interested in the bottom line, rather than in the journey of faith.” We both laughed as I tried to explain that my approach to understanding his writing was not necessarily my approach to evangelism. He did eventually, however, agree with my conclusions, but only after much conversation and explanation. I wish that I could have spoken to him before I read the book, as I think this would have helped to allay much of my critical suspicion.

Peacock confirmed my belief that the writings of Francis Schaeffer and C. S. Lewis have helped shape his thinking. When asked about other influences, he credits Dallas Willard, ethicist Christopher Wright, and Professor Steve Garber of Calvin College. The last half of the interview veered toward music and raising children. -- Pam Glass, Christian Book