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Q: Who is Grace Points for and what is it intended to do for them?

Jane: Grace Points is for anyone who is in the midst of, or coming through, or anticipating, a time of transition. For instance, a woman is putting her mother into the nursing home; a husband just left the marriage; there’s been a death in the family, or a move, or an addition by marriage or birth or adoption; or a change in churches; or change in health. People in the midst of change can turn to Grace Points and find themselves, find God, find their hearts, and by making choices at that places of change, come through in a place of growth.

Q: Briefly describe the various parts of each chapter and why you chose to include each component.

Jane: Each chapter opens with a “Still Point,” a place to quiet our souls, to still our anxious thoughts, and to focus on God. A Scripture then directs us to some thought about grace, and from there we move into the text of the chapter. Throughout each chapter are application places, called “Travelogues”, where the reader is invited to keep track of heart, mind, and soul progress, as well as past places of transition; this is based on the hundreds of times God tells his people, “Remember...don’t forget...” Travelogues are like journaling spots, but they also work great for small group discussion places. Closing each chapter is a section called “Wilderness Response,” where readers are invited to contemplate on an Accompaniment Psalm (a reminder that others have traveled this desert of transition before us), a Desert Reading (a section of the Israelites’ journey through transition), a Guiding Song (excerpts from a classic hymn, to be read either as poetry or sung or meditated upon, with the belief that music moves our souls toward God in vital ways that other disciplines don’t touch), and an application section called Remember Your Journey, sort of a “what's next” place of accountability closing the chapter.

Q: What kinds of hard choices do we have to make in order to get through the wilderness journey?

Jane: Choosing to feel, to follow God, to find the meaning, to be found in the dark, to flourish, to focus, to feast; choosing spiritual friends, choosing to find fun and to not forget; choosing freedom. The beauty of these choices is that they lead us to God, and they lead us to worship. And worship changes us ... even in the desert. What a triumph!

Q: What will readers take away from Grace Points?

Jane: Their hearts! God’s heart, his presence and power, the hope that there is food in the desert, and that they are not powerless over their lives. In Grace Points, readers will reconnect, find affirmation for their journey, and realize they are not alone. And that the desert isn’t forever. Instead of being lost in the wilderness, they will be found.