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Q: Why did you write Man to Man?  

A: I wrote this book because there are men who want to develop a deeper relationship with Christ, but who do not have specific books that they can relate to.  Men like to talk about sports, cars, business, and other similar topics.  The topics in Man to Man are ones men can relate to, yet each topic has scriptural lessons that men can apply to their own lives.

Q: There are hundreds of devotional books for men on the market.  How is your book different from the others?  

A: My book is reader friendly and there are fresh ideas in it.  The book is based on many of my own experiences as a husband, father, combat soldier in Vietnam, Sunday school teacher, deacon, and elder.  The examples I use in this book are humorous, contemporary, and insightful.

Q: How can men become more effective leaders at home and in society?  

A: First, men must begin to invest in each other.  By that, I mean that men need to mentor men, helping each other grow spiritually.  My dad influenced me greatly by spending time with me and teaching me what I needed to know to live in this world.  Men must teach each other how to become leaders, whether that leadership is in the home, church, or community.  It is also important for men to encourage each other by praying for each other and studying the Scriptures together.

Q: In your book you share your own experiences about being a soldier in Vietnam, your marriage, and your professional life.  Why did you decide to include these experiences?  

A: Each of the experiences I share in the book taught me valuable lessons.  Life is tough, but I have learned through my experiences as a solider in Vietnam, husband, father, teacher, and other roles to fight on.  I hope men can learn more themselves through the experiences I share in the book.  Itís important that men develop winning attitudes.

Q: What is the toughest part about being a man in todayís world?  

A: There are many negative images of men in the world today.  Men used to be respected, but now we see images of men in the media where they are the brunt of many jokes.  When you watch some of the current TV sitcoms, you see men depicted as being dummies.  Theyíre made fun of by their children and other people on the program.  This depiction is just the opposite of what we used to see 30 or 40 years ago.  On TV shows like ďFather Knows BestĒ and in the real world, men were viewed as role models for their family and the community.  The negative images we see on TV have now translated into how men are viewed in society.

Q: What are some pragmatic ways men can grow in their spiritual journey?

A:  First, men should not try to go it alone.  They need to develop friendships with other men who desire to grow spiritually, and then hold each other accountable.  It is also important for men to establish goals for their growth.  An example might be that a man wants to become a better husband.  As he works to become a better spouse, the man needs to set up goals for himself on how he is going to accomplish that, and then he should study specific Scriptures that will give him biblical wisdom in that area.

Q: What are some ways your book can be used?  

A: This book can be used in a number of ways.  Since it has 31 chapters, men can use it as a daily devotional.  The book can also be used as a mentoring tool where one man guides the spiritual development of another man.  In addition, it can be used during a menís Bible study or in a Sunday school class.

Q: Is this book just for men or can women also benefit from reading it?  

A: No, itís not just for men.  In fact, itís a good book for women to read if they want to learn more about how men think.  The book can also help women understand how to encourage men.  A woman told me that her husband read the book, and then she read it.  She enjoyed it so much that she later recommended it to one of her female friends.

Interview conducted by James Hendrix