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CBP: Please tell us something about the boys from whom you gathered your questions - like: ages, where they live, how you gathered the questions, was it fun?

Dr. Larimore: Throughout my years as a family physician in Kissimmee, Florida, my partner and I gave talks to the 5th grade boys about their changing bodies. After our brief talks, the boys would be given the opportunity to ask any question they wished. Through the years, I noticed that there were many questions that were asked from year to year – and this book is made up of just a few of those questions. Maybe in the future, I’ll do another book to answer some of the others.

CBP: Tell us a bit about your illustrator, Mike Phillips?  His pictures are funny!

 Dr. Larimore: I’ve never met Mike, but I love his work and felt honored to collaborate with him on this book. Mike resides in Georgia.

CBP: Can you give us some hints to help parents in using your book?

Dr. Larimore: Yes!

First, read it yourself – both to get up-to-date on the information and also to be sure that your preteen boy is mature enough for this information (My pastor decided that the book was a bit “too mature” for his 10 year old boy, so he’s saving the book for him until next year).

Secondly, decide whether you want to let your boy just read it, or read it with him (especially if you are his dad). Either way, be sure to make it a priority to have time set aside with him to discuss the various topics as he is reading through the book. Find out if he has other questions or concerns – and if you don’t know the answers, then the two of you can look up the information together.

Lastly, if you find the book helpful for your son, recommend it to his doctor and to your pastor. That way, other boys can meet Lintball and benefit from this information.

CBP: How did you and your fellow writers think up Lintball Leo?  

Dr. Larimore: The collaborating author, John Riddle, actually came up with the idea of Lintball Leo. We then discussed his idea, which I absolutely loved, and “fleshed” out the character and his conversations with Stevie.

CBP: Can you give us some examples of your diet tips for strong, healthy bodies?

Dr. Larimore: As most parents know, this is a complex area to discuss – as there are many nutritional theories and fad diets out there for children and teens. However, with the plethora of unhealthy food and drink products and the epidemic of obesity among our youth – this is a critical area for parents to address if they want to raise highly healthy children and teens.

So, I’ve written another book, The Highly Healthy Child, which has an entire chapter devoted to parents who want to improve their family’s health nutritionally. It will be out in March 2004.

CBP: Do you have additional Bible tips for strong, healthy spirits?

Dr. Larimore: The Bible teaches that it is the job of us as parents, to teach our children spiritually – every day and in every way. I think this requires the wise balance of cheering for your child and coaching your child. Cheering involves daily affirmation and encouragement. Coaching involves consistent teaching and discipline. And, both of these are done most effectively, I believe, by a loving mom and dad who are sold out to Christ, to each other and to their children.

Thanks & Blessings,
Dr. Walt Larimore