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Movie Review: BibleMan

Reviewed by Todd Burgett

In this newest adventure, the evil Professor Snortinskoff and his henchman, Stench have been peddling their soft drink “M Power” at the local baseball field.  This drink causes the local kids to give in to such inner desires as complaining and disrespect. BibleMan, Cypher, and newest sidekick, Melody, thwart the evil plans of Professor Snortinskoff and Stench by their use of Bible verses.

Robert Schlipp has made a nice transition into the BibleMan character made famous by Willie Aimes (Eight is Enough, Charles in Charge).  The rest of the cast does a nice job bringing to life the bigger-than-life characters in the story as well.

The makers of BibleMan have done another entertaining job of connecting Scripture to situations that is highly applicable to its young viewers.  In this episode, they tackle the subject of disrespect in a way that is easy to understand and that is metaphorically illustrated in a way that would captivate most kids ages 6-10.

The strong point of this series, and this episode is no exception, is getting kids excited about memorizing Scripture and seeing how memorizing it can be applicable to the daily battles of temptation.  The excitement comes from likeable characters, great action, and fun sets and situations.

I only have one note of caution to parents.  Even though the story line and situations are purely metaphorical, a child might misinterpret BibleMan’s use of Scripture as “magic” in defeating sin.  What I mean by that is this: When BibleMan is confronted with evil (Professor Snortinskoff), he quotes Bible verses and all is quickly and easily resolved.  Of course, real life isn’t always as simple as quoting a verse and sin magically disappears.  A little extra parental guidance will help in the further understanding of the real importance of Scripture memory and how it really helps us in the daily battle of sin.

However, I did appreciate the great summary challenge BibleMan made to Zach, the main kid affected by Professor Snortinskoff’s diabolical scheme.  BibleMan challenges him to change in his heart for real victory to take place.  Also, there was a personal application that BibleMan and Cypher made for themselves in how they mistreated their new sidekick, Melody.

I’d also like to mention that the makers of BibleMan do a nice job with the set design, special effects, and costumes, despite their limited budget.  The actors, although sophomoric in their acting abilities, are entertaining to watch and are more than able in their ability to communicate the main points of the story for their young viewers.

All in all, the BibleMan adventure series proves to be a nice biblical alternative to such mindless kid shows as the Power Rangers.  If you are looking for something that is not only entertaining for your kids but has the potential for getting them excited about memorizing God’s Word, look no further. – Todd Burgett