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Movie Review: BibleMan - Tuning Out the Unholy Hero

Starring: Robert T. Schlipp, Brady Williams, Linsay Lewis, Jeff Durham

Reviewed by Todd Burgett


BibleMan PowerSource Series: Tuning Out the Unholy Hero is the latest installment of the BibleMan series for kids.  This time out, BibleMan (played by Robert T. Schlipp) must thwart the diabolical plans of bad guy 2Kul4Skul (Jeff Durham).  2Kul4Skul wants to give the kids a new “hero” so he starts up a TV network where every program encourages kids to disobey and be disrespectful to authority.  BibleMan, along with Cypher (Brady Williams) and Melody (Lindsay Lewis), stops 2Kul4Skul with a barrage of Bible verses and by taking down 2Kuk4Skul’s network.  This episode’s lesson: pick a hero who loves God and follows God’s Word.

If you’ve watched any of the BibleMan series before, it’s pretty much business as usual.  Your kids will have good exposure to Bible verses and it may spark an interest in them to memorize key verses.  However, BibleMan and his sidekicks sometime use the verses out of context in their application (Note: I understand that much of the action in BibleMan is metaphorical, yet this is still a danger worth noting).

The production values are pretty “low-rent,” and the acting is on par with your local church’s VBS drama team.  The special effects aren’t bad considering the budget.  All in all, if your kids are drawn to such lowbrow shows as Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, BibleMan is a decent alternative – but don’t expect the quality of writing or production found in the Veggie Tales or Hermie series. – Todd Burgett, Christian Book